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MDCAT Syllabus 2023: Download the PDF and Start Studying Now

Mdcat 2023 syllabus cover page

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has released the updated MDCAT syllabus for 2023. The MDCAT, or Medical and Dental College Admission Test, is a crucial exam for students aspiring to study at public sector medical and dental colleges in Pakistan. The syllabus, available for download as a PDF, outlines the topics and concepts that will be covered on the test. It is important for students to familiarize themselves with the syllabus in order to succeed on the MDCAT and secure a place at their desired institution. The number of students taking the MDCAT is expected to rise in the current year, making it all the more important to prepare thoroughly. The PMC has made the MDCAT syllabus 2023 available for download on their website.

How to Download MDCAT SYLLABUS 2023 pdf

f you’re preparing for the MDCAT 2023 exam, it’s important to have the latest syllabus to guide your studies. Now, you can download the MDCAT 2023 syllabus in PDF format by clicking on the link below. This syllabus is the official guide for the national MDCAT exam and it covers all the subjects that will be tested on the exam.

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) updates the MDCAT syllabus every year to help students and teachers prepare for the test. The MDCAT, also known as the Medical and Dental College Admission Test, is a standardized test that assesses a student’s knowledge and aptitude in subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, and English. In 2022, there were many changes made to the MDCAT syllabus, including changes in physics, chemistry, and biology.

The MDCAT 2023 syllabus will be based on the whole books. There will be no negative marking in the MDCAT 2023. The total marks of the test will be 200. Biology will have 68 multiple choice questions. Chemistry and physics will have 54 questions each. English will have 18 questions and Logical reasoning will have 6 questions.

PMC NMdcat Syllabus Analysis

An expert overview of pmc MDCAT SYLLABUS reveals that it’s not same as entrance test of 2021. Like 2020, PMC does make a lot of changes in the updated syllabus of test. Expert Teachers of KIPS, Star, Unique and City Science Academy consider it reasonable for students.

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