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        Hakim Said, the well-known patron of Hamdard Foundation founded the Hamdard University as a private research university in the 1991.
       The Hamdard University was built in accordance of the provisional act of the Assembly. The university received its charter from the former President Ghulam Ishaq.
       This multi campus is privileged to be one of the oldest and most prestigious institution imparting higher education in Pakistan. The university has constructed four major campuses in two cities of Pakistan: Karachi and Islamabad.
There are three campuses in the Karachi city. Out of the three campuses in Karachi, the main campus is the largest private university of Karachi which is spread over 350 acres of land. The two other campuses are situated in the downtown of Karachi.

       The main campus of the Hamdard University is situated in Madinat al Hikmah Karachi near Sindh Baluchistan. The campus provides a picturesque view and has its location has a historical and geographical significance.
There are many full fledge faculties functional on the main campus which consist of Faculty of Management, Faculty of Information Technology , Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Social Sciences.

         The main campus is famous for providing the students with many educational facilities and services on campus. One of the most eminent features of the main campus is the central library called Bait ul Hikmah. This library is included among the largest research libraries of South Asia. It has a substantial collection of books, journals and research publications. Some of the publications date back to the 17th century.
        In 2000, further expansion of Hamdard University was done and a new campus was constructed in the Blue Area of Islamabad. The Islamabad campus caters the educational needs of students from the twin cities. Three institutes are housed at the Islamabad Campus. These institutes award degrees in the disciplines of Management Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Engineering IT.

          Under-graduate and Post-graduate degrees are awarded by the Hamdard University are recognized by and attributed to major accrediting bodies of Pakistan such as the HEC, PCP, NTC, PMDC and PBC.
Hamdard University is legally allowed to make affiliations with other educational institutions of Pakistan. Three teaching hospitals and three engineering institutes are currently affiliated with the Hamdard University.

This multi-disciplinary university provides the students with facilities of residence and hostels. The multi storied hostels and dormitories are very comfortable. These hostels are a blessing for the students from other cities and towns. The main campus in Karachi has five undergraduate hostels to accommodate male and female students.

   Each campus also has a cafeteria or tuck-shop for the students and faculty members. Individuals can enjoy freshly cooked delicious meal on campus. The Student-Teacher central Cafeteria is a spot for the interaction of teachers and students where they can arrange academic or nonacademic meetings.
    The university owns a fleet of vehicles that ply between main campus and satellite campuses of Karachi.

       The Hamdard University is very selective about the faculty members. Only the top notch and well-qualified individuals are given the opportunity to join the faculty of Hajvery University. Dr.Abdul Qadeer was among the first registered professors of the Hamdard University. Under his leadership the Department of Physics established and flourished.

        The student wing and the student councils are given great importance and involvement in the academic and non-academic matters. The various student bodies and student societies inculcate a sense of responsibility among the students and prepare them to meet the challenges of the world.
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